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Dumas Education Foundation

DEF Lackey Scholarship Recipients



Mission Statement

To assist all Dumas High School students, including economically disadvantaged and/or physically disabled students, to further their education at institutions of higher learning by providing funding through scholarships and the QUEST program.

Goals of DEF

To encourage academic excellence in Dumas schools by providing funding not available through local, state or federal sources.

To build public confidence in our school

To put public back in public schools

To involve the community in the support and improvement of the quality of education

To promote and publicize the strength of Dumas schools

About DEF

The Dumas Education Foundation, Inc. received its non-profit status in December 1994.   Since 1994, the Foundation has distributed several funds to the Grants-To-Teachers program.  This program is designed to support innovative projects and creative teaching approaches in Dumas schools.  Providing funding not otherwise available for such projects that have potential to enhance the learning process.  Since 1994, the Scholarship Program has distributed over $320,000 in funds to students wishing to seek a higher level of education or a vocational agenda.


Dumas Demon Plaza Fundraiser

Thanks to all the individuals and organizations who have made a brick contribution to the Dumas Demon Plaza Fundraiser!  The plaza looks great with so many boosters clubs, individuals and families being represented. A new order will be placed every three months so think about how you would like to contribute to the students of DHS by donating a brick as well as permanently make your mark on the front of Dumas High School.

If you would like to purchase a brick, please submit a form with a check to P.O. Box 615  Dumas, Tx  79029.  Click here to download a form.  Forms are also available at the Dumas News Press, and Xtreme Realty.  The cost of the bricks are $50.00 for the 4” X 8” brick and $100 for the 8” X 8” size.  Checks should be made out to the Dumas Education Foundation and mailed to DEF at P.O. Box 615  Dumas, TX  79029.

For further information contact Brooke McMurry at (806)679-6083 or email at


The Dumas Education Foundation Scholarship applications are available for graduating Dumas High School seniors as well as students continuing their education in college or technical school. 

Contact Us

P.O. Box 695
300 S. Klein
Dumas, TX 79029

Phone: 806-935-4151
Fax: 806-934-1433

Office Hours 7:45 - 4:00

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