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Linda Watson Watts

Linda Watson Watts

Honored in 2019


Linda Watts, of Colleyville, Texas, was a teacher in Dumas from 1967 through 1994.  She started her journey here at Dumas High School teaching 9th grade typing before taking over the role she would come to define—Business Education.  A role which she held, fostered, and propagated until she left for Boerne ISD and retired from the Texas Military Institute in San Antonio, Texas in 1998.

During her time as the Career Education teacher, Linda was on the cutting edge of real-world teaching by actively simulating a business-like atmosphere in the classroom.  Her teaching experiment consisted of office managers, department leaders, and even receptionists which rotated on a timely basis which simulated a routine “day at the office”. By exposing high school students to real-world scenarios, Linda instilled office-ready skills in her students which transitioned seamlessly into the actual real world.  It also helped Linda win Texas Career and Technical teacher of the year.

Linda is responsible for instituting many business-related ideas including Vocational Office Education and the national award-winning Career and Technical Student Organization.  She also brought the student leadership organization, Business and Professionals of America, to Dumas which resulted in hundreds of Dumas students winning business and professional awards at the state and national levels.

Even though her career is filled with much deserved accolades, it seems Linda’s greatest gift to Dumas was always her ability to care for and ready her students for life outside these high school walls.  The students impacted by Mrs. Watts and her innovative approach to teaching are a legacy which will resolutely last in Dumas.